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Your wholesale, low-cost, and no-cost credit card processing solutions.

Payment Processing, Simple Pricing, and Point-of-Sale Solutions!


We have 4 Pricing Models to choose from:

Wholesale PlusĀ 

We take the wholesale rates we are charged by the card entities (Visa, MC, Amex, Disc), add a small percentage cover our cost of providing service, and that is your rate. Simple, Fair, Transparent.

Flat Rate Pricing

We take a look at your processing averages and offer you a simple flat rate that will be applied regardless of card type. This way you know your cost every single transaction. We will beat Square and all of our legitimate competitors or not offer you this model. The great thing about this program is there are no monthly, yearly, or PCI compliance fees for these accounts.

Edge Pricing

Eliminate up to 95% of all credit card processing fees by allowing the card holder to cover these fees. You choose how much to allow the cardholder to cover of the fees associated with processing. NO monthly, yearly or PCI compliance fees on these accounts.

Card X Pricing

The best surcharging program in the nation! The card holder pays all fees on credit card transactions while you only pay a 1% flat fee, plus 25 cent transaction fee when they use a debit card. This is not recommended for accounts where tipping is involved.

Point of Sales SolutionsĀ 

We offer best in class Point-of-Sale solutions and, unlike most of our competitors, we have multiple platforms to offer. We have a POS Pros department that will do a full interview with every merchant and find the right solution to fit their needs and wants. There are so many things that the right point of sale can do to help smoothly run your business and we would like the opportunity to help you find that solution.

If you have a point of sale system that you are satisfied with, we can become the processor on the backend and save you significantly. If you need or want a point of sale system we have have partnered with some of the best in the business. You may even qualify for FREE EQUIPMENT.

If you see your point of sale system as merely a business expense you are either in the wrong POS, or not seeing it as a profitable tool for your business.

We can help!

Committed to ServiceĀ