About Us

FUN AND BUSINESS CAN MIX! We are a family-owned Merchant Services and business solutions brokerage firm. Kind of like an independent insurance agency is able to shop price and product and make the best recommendation for the insured, we have researched the best business solution providers in our industry and bring those options to our merchants. We love what we do and have a passion for the satisfaction and happiness of our clients. We have almost a decade of experience helping merchants process payments in the most cost effective and efficient ways.

Sam Rice

Owner & Merchant Consultant 

 After 25 years of success in the construction industry, in 2009 he began a new adventure in business consulting and Merchant Services. Being on the side of owning and running a small construction business for so many years, he understands the pains and challenges of feeling over-charged and under-served by business solution providers. 

He resolved to take that experience and use it to help merchants get needed services at reasonable prices. After working strictly for one company for the first year, Sam quickly identified flaws in their business model: limitation of products, lack of service, and loss of potential clients by only being able to offer one company’s solutions. 

He recognized the potential of being able to offer the services of multiple sources of solutions for the merchant’s needs. Almost all merchant service providers neglect what the merchant is looking for: versatility and cost-effective strategies to most productively run and succeed in their businesses. Not finding that in the corporate position he held, Sam left his job and started Independent Merchant Brokers LLC.  

Our Team

Independent Merchant Brokers LLC

Experienced Staff

Caleb Rice

Director of Client Happiness!

Client Contact and Office Admin


Jonathan Rice

New Happiness Propagator!

Sales Associate

Weston Zaludek

New Happiness Propagator! 

Sales Associate

Why Choose Us

Our Team is Experienced

With almost a decade of experience in the industry, Sam and his team have the knowledge to help you find the most cost-effective solutions for processing payments and managing your business.

We Work For YOU, Not Large Corporations

We are able to be like an independent insurance agent, we have multiple providers of services that merchants need and we have negotiated the best rates for the merchant! We do NOT work for the providers, we work for the merchants we serve.

We Take a Holistic Approach

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We do the research to find out just what each merchant wants and needs, then make our solution-fit recommendations and move the process along to a happy end.

Free Consultations & Quotes

Contact us today and we will set up a no-pressure consultation and put together a proposal of the right equipment (if needed) and services at the right price. No contracts, no worries!